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Sponsor a Dumble Farm Highland cow

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Sponsor a Highland cow to help us protect wildlife.

Money raised from our sponsorships, goes towards the creation of new habitats to help our precious local wildlife, by way of the Dumble Farm conservation project.

Declining species

 From their peak in the early part of the 20th century, breeding waders such as lapwing, curlew, redshank, snipe and oystercatcher have seen populations decline, driven by large-scale changes to farming. Large areas of grassland were converted to arable, marginal land was drained and improved, silage was cut earlier and rotational farming was phased out. All this has resulted in  lower food availability and the removal of the habitat mosaic that is essential for successful chick rearing. 


At Dumble Farm we are trying to reverse that and help fight climate change, and you can help.


Dumble Farm is a small family farm, but we are trying to play our part in increasing biodiversity and helping fight climate change by farming in an extensive and sustainable way. We aim to create new wetland habitats to provide nesting and feeding grounds for wading birds. Wetland soil is also a natural carbon sink absorbing and storing large amounts of carbon.  

By sponsoring a  conservation grazer you can actively help stop the decline of our important wetland species, and create wetland carbon stores helping regulate the global climate.









Sponsor a conservation grazer


The main aim at Dumble Farm is to support conservation and biodiversity. Profits from our Highland cow sponsorship will be used to support the

Dumble Farm conservation project.


If you would like to support the conservation project by sponsoring a Highland cow we have four options:

(Exact items in each sponsorship box may vary but will always have the same value)

International shipping is available to Europe, north America, Australia and New Zealand,

for any other destination, please Email us for more information.

Sponsorship packs are usually dispatched within 2 days.


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Meet our conservation grazers

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