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All New Cuddles!

As some of you may know, Dumble Farm stopped cow cuddling for a few weeks, as four of the cuddle cows were due to calve.

Cuddle Puff already has her cute little twins of course, we have named them Seven and Eleven. Seven is the one with her name on her face of course!

Next to calve was Crocus.

We now have another addition to the Crocus family, born yesterday, a cute little girl called Myrtle. Thank you to the person who suggested Mirtle when we asked for name suggestions last week.

We decided to keep the plant theme!

Myrtle was up and about in no time, as you can see, mum keeps a close eye on her.

Big sister Saffron has just turned a year old, she already loves little Myrtle.

Saffron is an Aberdeen Angus cross breed, unlike Myrtle who is a Highland cross.

Saffron was quite shy to start with, we wondered if she would reach cuddle cow status. But in the last few months she has settled in and become one of the crew, she has the softest coat, like velvet.

Myrtle will become an apprentice cuddle cow in a few weeks time, as she is half Highland she is likely to be more confident.

This is Soft Face (real name Broxa, after the forest, so a tenuous link to the plant theme!)

Soft face is Myrtle's Auntie, the younger sister of Crocus.

Soft Face is due to calve in March, so Saffron and Myrtle will have a little cousin.

Proud mum Crocus is the head of the family.

Crocus's ancestors have lived at Dumble Farm since the early 1970's, all of them have been lovely friendly cows.

We have high hopes for little Myrtle to be a very cuddly cuddle cow.

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1 Comment

Myrtle is adsolutey adorable 🐄 as are all the other beauties.

I just read the other post about walking the cows through the village.

If I lived in the village I would have loved it if the coos wandered in my garden 😁😍

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