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Be brave Chip!

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Hi there, Chip here, reporting from the Highland calf shed at Dumble Farm.

This afternoon I was racing round the pen with my Highland calf friends Capples and Mel C, when I heard Farmer Will saying that the Highland trekking cows needed practice as they weren't confident about everything. Obviously I dismissed this, assuming he was talking about some other hairy coos, certainly not us, we were fearless!

Seems I was wrong; the farmers put us on our halters and led us to our grooming positions. Whilst we were having a lovely hair brush, Farmer Will explained that

"all the Animal Experience, Highland Cow Trekking and Cow Cuddling teams have to be brave, confident and prepared for anything".

"I'll show him" I thought, "I am super brave, nothing will bother me today!"

We set off, but where were we going?

This wasn't the way to the pond as usual. We were on a road heading in another direction. Oh well, no problem. I trotted confidently leading the way.

"Oh no! What's that!"

I slammed on my hoof brakes, so did Capples and Mel. Ok so when I said I wasn't afraid of anything, I didn't expect this!

Whatever they were, they were a sinister looking group, standing guard, with red glaring eyes, my knees were shaking, I could hear Mel's teeth chattering.

"Chip, come on" said farmer Will, "it's only bollards marking the corner of the road".

I took a deep breath and slowly crept past, keeping as far as I could to the other side.

After that there was a long straight lane with tasty grass at the sides, back to full trotting confidence! We politely stopped whilst a couple of people with a dog walked past, then along to a gateway, I could hear a noise, a really loud roaring noise.

"Don't dawdle Chip" urged Farmer Will "the tractor is waiting for us to pass".

I had seen plenty of tractors of course, but this did sound very noisy. It appeared in the gateway. Oh my goodness it was massive! I suddenly felt very small and scared. Farmer Will stroked me and said "be brave Chip".

On the way home Mel, Capples and I walked fast, Farmer Will was complaining about his bad knee. We were pleased to be back by the shed having snacks.

Although I think that we handled the lane rather well on the whole, I have to admit, Farmer Will was right. However good we think we are, we still sometimes need to practice.

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