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C.E.O Chip

Well I think it's official!

Chip (that's me) is clearly the highest ranking cow here at Dumble Farm and I think today proved it.

This sounds like a very important job!

Farmer Will popped on my halter (not that I think I need one) and we set off, not on the trekking route, but to the car park.

Farmer Will told me that we needed to practice for our new role, we are going to be greeting people as they arrive for the Highland Cow Safari and directing them to the waiting area. WOW!

I must make sure Farmer Will gives me a groom first, I need to make an excellent first impression to guests.

My next task as Chief Executive Officer was to visit the goat pen to see if Nibbles and Dodge (the animal experience goats) were keeping in line.

I have to say, the goats need some work! I went into the pen, expecting them to line up for inspection and they went crazy, running round their huts, jumping over logs and climbing up tyre towers, what show offs.

I tried to assert my dominance by also leaping over a log, but that didn't quite go to plan (slightly embarrassing ).

I had to resort to my most authoritative Highland Head Shake, then the goats eventually calmed down and led me across to inspect the Alpacas. The Alapacs were a lot better behaved and stood to order along the fence, they clearly recognised my superior ranking.

What a tiring day!

All this responsibility made me need a well earned rest.

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