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Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Hands up who saw me, Chip, in the Yorkshire Post!

I was with Morag and Martha and I have to admit we are looking pretty smart. A very nice journalist wanted to write an article about Dumble Farm and the new conservation project. I was delighted to be chosen as one of the Highlands to be photographed.

The newspaper explains how the farm is putting a large piece of land into a grass wetland so that all the pretty lapwings, snipe, curlew and redshank have places to feed and nest. It also describes how Highlands like me graze the area and look after the birds (well that's how I like to think of it), we are clearly doing very important work!

I suppose you could say that fame has gone to my head slightly.

The Dumble farmers took Charlie, Mel C, Capples and me for a walk in the village on Christmas morning. I was hoping there would be some people around that might recognise me from the newspaper and rush to see me. Unfortunately, despite me frolicking and flicking my dossen in my most show biz way, no one did, it was disappointingly quiet. Mel C told me to stop showing off, but what does she know about the pressures of fame!

Farmer Fi said that now I am a celebrity and one of the faces of Dumble Farm, it was even more important for me to be on my best behaviour when guests visited (in other words, stop showing off!).

Fi also said that already we have had a few people volunteering to help with the environmental project. So a big thank you from her, me and all at Dumble Farm.

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