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Chip Leads the Way

Hi Chip here again with my latest news.

A few days ago Dumble Farm had visitors for an animal experience. I love these days! I get to meet new people and have lots of cuddles. As usual the guests spent some time with us then said goodbye. But instead of that being the end of it, after a few minutes farmer Will came back. He put me on my halter and we walked over to the goat pen. Then we walked right into the goat pen! Nibbles and Dodge were there fussing round the nice visitors we met earlier.

I heard farmer Fi say they were walking me to the pond and asked the visitors if they would like to walk with me. They did of course! I trotted back across the yard and who did I see waiting for me? It was my friend Mel C, also wearing her halter. Of course Mel C hasn't had the trekking practice I have had. So not only was it for me to lead the guests down the track, but also to set a good example to my Highland friend. Of course the farmers were there too, but I could tell all eyes were on me.

Mel C and I swished our tails and shook our dossens as we travelled down the track, we had a few over excited bounces, but the visitors seemed to enjoy that. At the pond we had to wait with farmer James whilst the visitors walked further and learnt about the Dumble Farm conservation project, James said we had to take one step at a time as were were only learners.

He let us graze on some nice juicy grass and gave us snacks whist we waited for them to come back.

On the way back it was already starting to get dark, we were usually getting snuggled down in our straw pen by this time of day. Mel and I felt very grown up staying up this late.

The guests all waved and said they had had a lovely walk, and Mel had done very well trekking on her halter.

I must have been a very good leader!

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