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Chip’s First Walk

My name is Chip, A few days ago something very exciting happened. For a few weeks I had been having a halter put round my ears and over my nose, it was a piece of cake, I got cuddles and pocket snacks, easy treats! I even got the stand outside where the big trekking cows go and had my photograph taken by the Yorkshire Post.

But on this particular day farmer Will and Farmer Fi didn't just stand me outside, we walked out onto the lane. There were hedges on each side and it was so much fun shoving farmer Will into them, but he pulled my head and said 'No Chip!' He said if I wanted to grow up to be part of the Highland cow trekking team I mustn't do that.

There were so many exciting things to see, I trotted past houses and farms and a little dog that barked 'Hello' from a window. There was even a tree with low branches that I could get under, but farmer Will couldn't and he got his hat caught up in the twigs. Farmer Fi laughed and Farmer Will didn't mind, he said I was just being a Highland.

On the way home I started to run, I was so excited to get back to tell my friends Charlie, Capples and Mel C about my adventure. But farmer Will again said 'No Chip! That isn't the way for a trekking cow to behave, we have to walk sensibly to keep everyone safe'.

Back at the farm I got told I was brilliant and had even more treats and cuddles, I felt so grown up and special.

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