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Chip's Job

Hi Chip here again. I learnt something the other day, so I thought I would share it with you.

I heard the farmers chatting outside my pen and they were talking about me, I pricked my fluffy ears up and listened closer. Then the word 'Job' was mentioned. JOB! What did this mean? The farmers all had lots of jobs around the farm and they all looked like hard work, nothing like lounging about, or playing chase round the ring feeder with their friends like I do each day.

What were the implications?

I pressed my ear right up against the wall to find out!

I needn't have worried. Seems my job basically involves me eating, which just happens to be my favourite thing to do.

I found out that I am to be a CONSERVATION GRAZER.

Ok, so I admit I don't actually know what a 'Conservation Grazer' is, but it seems like my Mum plus Charlie's, Mel C's and Capple's mums are already doing it!

The farmers said that Highland cows like me only have cute little hoofs (agreed :)) so don't trample the ground too much. Plus we don't mind eating weeds and rubbish grass rather than just the best stuff (so greedy then!).

So apparently we are ideal for creating wildlife habitats, just by grazing, sitting and walking about.

I suspect I am going to enjoy working really hard at my job!

Farmer James said that you can help the wildlife too, by sponsoring me or one of my friends. This will provide funding for the Dumble farm conservation project.

Just click on the links below.

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