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Doing it for the birds!

Thanks to the generous money we have raised through Highland cow sponsorship, we have been able to purchase, amongst other things, lots of bird/bat boxes and feeders.

These will really add to the conservation project and enhance the wildlife habitats we are creating or improving.

We have been busy putting up bird feeders in various areas around the farm.

Some are in areas of trees, some closer to hedges to attract different species of birds.

These feeders are in places that visitors to the farm can see, in time we will add bird screens so that they can be viewed more easily.

We have added a feeder with a camera so we can get a close up view of who is feeding and post videos for all to see.

We have lots of bats here at Dumble Farm, we love to watch them and listen with our bat detector.

The bat boxes need to face south to get warm sun on them, plus a clear drop for them to exit the box.

We have put up various types of nesting box, targeting different species of bird.

The one shown is for species such as robin that like a wide opening, but with With surrounding foliage.

The goats wanted to help of course!

One of the new nesting boxes has a camera in it, hopefully we will be able to see some some little chicks in the springtime.

Imagine how delighted we were when a bird (we think a blue tit) moved in straight away!

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