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Unfortunately not all calvings go smoothly here at Dumble Farm. A couple of days ago, early in the morning, we realised a heifer was having difficulty. Upon examination we decided that things were not as they should be. It is not often we feel we need to call a vet to assist with a calving, we have had a lot of experience, but sometimes we know we need help.

A vet arrived and after a short time trying to calve the heifer, the vet said the only option would be a cesarean and she called for back up, the calf was just too big to come out!

It has been many years since we needed a cesarean and we were of course very concerned about the heifer, but the vets were very capable and experienced, so they soon had the matter in hand.

The vets do the cesarean whilst the cow is standing up; she has had a lot of pain killers and local anesthetic of course.

In a normal calving the calf arrives front feet and head first, in a diving position.

In a cesarean, the vet pulls the calf out back legs first.

Sadly the calf didn't survive.

It's not all bad news though, the heifer has had more pain killers and antibiotics and is doing well.

Plus we gave her another calf and she is looking after it like it is her own.

The calf is happily feeding off her adopted mum and they will soon go into the pen with the other cows and calves.

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1 Comment

Ali H
Ali H
Feb 09

So sad but glad there was a good outcome for the heifer and adopted calf xx

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