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The exciting news we had been waiting for has finally arrived!!!

I feel today I can say a few words about the Dumble Farm conservation project with a big dollop of positivity.

Yesterday we received the email offering us our higher-tier countryside stewardship agreement. We had been fairly confident, but until that message appears in the inbox, we didn't know if we were going to have to find funding for our conservation plans ourselves, or if we would get a helping hand.

Of course, along with the helping hand comes vast amounts of paperwork and scrupulous attention to detail. But we don't mind that. We are getting much needed funding, so careful recording of everything we do is the best way of seeing what we are achieving over time.

It all starts on 1st January 2023, not very far away at all!

Because of the risk to ground nesting birds, much of the fieldwork in the wetland area cannot start until next July. What we can do however is start planting trees and hedges, put up nesting boxes and erect new fences. We can also coppice willows, build brash fences and make hedgehog houses.

All the way will take note of everything we see and do.

Any volunteers?

We both welcome and really appreciate any volunteers that would like to help with any part of the exciting new habitat creation. Already a few people that have visited us for animal experiences have expressed enthusiasm for getting involved. To be honest, with over a kilometer of hedging to plant we need all the help we can get! We will make sure the kettle is on regularly to provide warming brews.
It is very likely we will have some critical Highland cows patrolling the area and scrutinising what we are doing. But Morag and the gang need to make sure we are doing the job properly. After all, they have to live there!

If you would like to get involved with the conservation project we'd really love to hear from you, please email us your details and we'll be in touch

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Wow what can I say to an awe inspiring team with your sights set high, accomplishments coming in thick and fast are amazing.

I would be happy to volunteer to help your cause wherever I can that is😁


Absolutely echo what Treggsy has said, you guys thoroughly deserve it and are AWESOME!! Let me know when you need the volunteers to come and help as I would love to get involved xx much love Rach xx


Awesome news guys . Never doubted for one moment this day wouldn't happen . Onwards and upwards. We'll help wherever we can .

Treggsy n Chloe xxx

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