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Morags Moo-sings!

Hello Dumble Farm readers. I will begin with introductions. My Name is Morag, I am a Highland cow, nearly two years old but most importantly, one of the first 6 Highlands to come to live at Dumble Farm.

I have always loved meeting new people, dressing up and keeping up to date with all the developments on the farm. I may be very cuddly and docile, but I NEVER miss anything that is going on!

What do you think of the scarf? I feel it gives me an air of a super sleuth, perhaps something akin to Sherlock Holmes' deerstalker.

So here's what's been going on in the fields recently.

A few days ago my pals and I were merrily grazing in the field over the bridge, when farmers James and Fi drove in and started putting up a new fence. I could see Farmer Will was using the excavator in the field across the track. Farmer Fi walked along the field with fence stakes until she reached Sarraha and I standing by the water trough. Clearly she needed to be exactly where we were situated as she asked us to please move.

I kept my nose to the ground, pretending not to hear, but keeping a close eye on proceedings from under my dossen. Sarraha was magnificent in her procrastination, she kept her little legs wedged firmly in the mud by the water tank until Farmer James arrived. I could then find out what was occurring!

New hedges and trees

From the discussion between the farmers, I deduced that lots of new hedges and trees were soon to be planted across my field, the adjacent field and alongside the little pond area. All of this as part of the new conservation and environmental project.

So that's what the measuring, hole digging and fence erecting was all about!

Not only that, but bird boxes were being made and volunteers were coming to help with the hedge planting. This was the part I was most interested in! Being in the field were it was all going to be happening would provide an excellent opportunity to keep a watchful eye; oh and perhaps get a bit of attention also. Even though I am getting to be quite a grown up, I do still enjoy a cuddle and being told how gorgeous I am.

So it's all going to be happening on the afternoon of the 21st January and all day on the 22nd. Anyone that would like to be involved please send a message to Dumble Farm, I shall be keeping a watchful eye and would love to see you.

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