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New Wildlife

Updated: Apr 23

The small lake at Dumble Farm is transitioning from a trout fishing lake to a wildlife zone.

Already we have a lovely pair of great crested grebes nesting in the reeds.

After receiving funding from the Yorkshire water biodiversity enhancement project, we now have 2 sandmartin banks and a tern platform. This project is aimed at boosting wildlife in the Hull Valley and we were delighted to have been asked to be involved.

Money from our Highland cow sponsorship will also be used to provide fencing round this area, this will enable much needed Highland cow grazing to clear reeds from around the lake.

Over the last couple of weeks we have filled the boxes with sand, it was a time consuming activity and we are grateful to Moira and Adrienne, our two volunteers, for assisting.

Now that terns have arrived in the area we launched our platform.

Setting out to the tern platform location.

Once in place we secured the anchors.

Now the platform is in place, we hope lots of terns will arrive!

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