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Dear reader, you have probably seen how flooded Dumble farm is at the moment, if not I can tell you that most of our field are 1-2m deep in water, it's really awful.

The little patch of higher ground the Highlands were on eventually got water logged, plus we could no longer get there to feed them. Sadly we had no choice but to bring them all into the sheds last week, they were not impressed!

Luckily, we have one small field in the village that isn't underwater. A few days this week of wind and no rain has dried out the surface, so we made the decision today to send some of the Highlands into there.

They were clearly thrilled to hear the news!

This meant a walk through the village.

Firstly, we had to put ropes across all the driveways, the villagers don't seem to like Hairy coos in their gardens.

We set off down the lane, luckily Highlands prefer to saunter rather than run, so it was quite leisurely.

We enlisted some volunteers to protect vulnerable looking cars and caravans!

Around the corner, so far so good, they seem to be enjoying the walk.

The three youngsters seem to think it is a great adventure!

Into the field!


Augusta is assessing the new surroundings.

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