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Spot the difference Chip

I had a bit of a surprise today, just as I thought I was familiar with it all, everything changed!

Sorry to sound cryptic, all will be revealed in a moment. Chip here again by the way, one of the Highland cow trekking team I am rather proud to say.

It's a cold January apparently, can't say I had noticed with my thick coat on, but everything outside is pretty and sparkly and when we started trekking my feet didn't sink into the mud.

Mel C, Capples and I set off down the track, two lovely people were with us and last week's wind had stopped; we aren't keen on windy weather. All was as it should be, then we reached the pond!

As we walked through the gateway, Mel, Capples and I came to a halt and just stared, something was very different, but what was it?

The pond was now very full after the recent rain, but that wasn't it.

The brash fencing seemed bigger than before, but that wasn't it.

Setting off again, there was a pile of logs that I had a really good sniff at, but that wasn't it.

Then I realised! All the trees down one side of the pond had gone, what's that all about, where are the birds going to sit?

I pricked up my ears to listen to what the farmers were telling the nice guests. It seems the willow trees had been coppiced to let light into the pond, allow plants to grow along the bank, encourage lots of new growth and extend the life of the tree. Well, every day is a school day. There seems to be so much going on, I can't wait to see what's new on my next trekking adventure.

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