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Sticky and Chip

I just had to tell you about the new arrival to Dumble Farm!

Our meeting did alarm me a bit I don't mind saying, but I will tell you my story and you can draw your own conclusions.

Introductions first, in case you are new to my little chats, my name is Chip. I am one of the young Highlands living here on the farm, and I like to be the first to know if anything new and exciting happens.

The farmers said they were taking Mel C, Capples and me out for a walk to meet someone. I assumed we had people guests, but no, there was just us. Heading down the track I could see big changes, more trees had been cut down and loads of hedges had been planted. The farm looks different every day!

When we got the pond farmer Will said "Chip, meet Sticky".

I looked through the gateway and straight in front of me was who I assumed was Sticky. I was rather surprised, but walked right over and said hello. Sticky didn't move or say anything.

Farmer Will said, "Don't expect Sticky to reply, it's only in the evening when no one is looking that Sticky walks around. Sticky is here to guard the pond and keep all the wildlife safe."

Now I know what you are thinking. I was thinking the same at this point. I wasn't born yesterday! In fact it's my 1st birthday next month (party planning underway).

I lifted up my head to laugh "You are pulling my dossen Farmer Will. Sticky isn't alive, he is, well, just a stick!"

With that, Sticky's eyes moved!

I stared. My own eyes were like saucers at this point, I know Mel saw it too, she ran away, dragging Farmer Fi behind her.

You might think I am making this up, but I am an honest Chip. Sticky really is guarding the pond and looking after the wildlife.

If you don't believe me you can come to Dumble Farm I will take you to the pond, so you can see if Sticky looks at you too!

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