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Stock Check Chip

Hey everyone, it's me again,

Chief Inspector Chip.

I am getting quite used to my new official roles now, I suspect it's even time for a new hat to fit with my higher status, the old one is getting rather shabby!

My duty for today was to check the Highland Cow merchandise for the shop and give it my approval. Now I am 14 months old and practically a grown up, I take my important job here at Dumble Farm very seriously, so I kept completely composed and gave the matter my full attention (all 5 seconds). The new mugs look rather splendid with Natasha and Sorcha pictured on them and the little 'Hairy Coo' figure is very cute, but the toy 'Chip' was my personal favourite. I nodded my approval.

Now onto the most important matter, tasting the new Cherry View ice cream flavours. This is the part I have been really looking forward to! I have been told the ice cream is hand made on a lovely farm only three miles away.

Local cows, eating local grass and producing local milk, we'll have no trouble here!

Farmer Fi thought the tasting should have been her job, but I guess as a cow, I am just more qualified.

Farmer Fi had the new vanilla flavour prepared for my tasting in a little cone (I hope she didn't lick it first). Brr! It was cold, but also delicious, I can highly recommend.

There are several other flavours too, all fantastic, do make sure you try at least one if you visit Dumble Farm.

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