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There's One Born Every Day!

It certainly seems like that at the moment, with 4 new Highland calves in the last four days, adding to the 4 we have already this year.

Firstly Currac had her calf, a cute little girl and the sister to our adorable Chip.

Look at that cheeky little face, we can already tell she will have as much character as her mum and big sister.

We have decided to call her Jet, like the gemstone found here in Yorkshire.

Next to arrive was Helena's first calf, a daughter, Helena is so proud!

We have decided to call her calf Raven, Helena has always had the darkest and shiniest coat of our Black Highlands.

The next Highland calf to appear was Sidonia's, although we couldn't find her to start with! She was born in the shed and had squeezed under the door and wandered off.

As we call mum Sid, her daughter just has to be a Nancy!

Soon Sid and Nancy will be back with Neon, Sarraha, Spendour and Edita, plus their calves Jen, Ragnor, Holic and Ariel.

The last to date is Capleadh, she had a new daughter last night, we haven't chosen a name yet.

Capleadh is a very experienced mum and our oldest Highland at 11 years old.

This fluffy girl is the sister to Capples and Elspeth.

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Looks like a Maisie (Moo)

She is beautiful

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